ECO2 compensation units

ECO2 compensation certificates. Strive towards better future for your company and the community. Become ecologically balanced via ECO2 offsetting project. All of the revenue from the project is reinvested further to increase and preserve forest biodiversity. Ecobal guarantees the protection, maintenance and sustainability of the forest sites across Europe.

One ECO2 plot consist of 1000m2. 1 ECO2 equals 1 ton of CO2 intake. The CO2 emission intake from our forests is guaranteed and certified. ECO2 certificates can be bought and renewed for 1, 3 and 5 years. 

Register – Get in touch with our team and register or simply fill out the form on our website


Exposure – Your logo will be on a map at the plot which you adopt (possible photoshoot)

Certificate – Official PDF certificate for use on your website

Events – Sponsored events online twice a year

Tour – Above 20 ECO2 we offer company page on Ecobal website and a guided tour* on your own ECO2 plot

*Clients take care of own travel arrangements