IVECO joins ECOBAL to become ecologically balanced.

February 17th, 2021

Ecobal announced today a new partnership with Iveco. This partnership will join two companies on journey to become ecologically balanced


Ecobal helps its partners understand, balance and compensate for their carbon footprint and their individual preferences. To help reduce CO2 emissions, Ecobal also offers other projects supporting the protection of forests in Europe. Thanks to the cooperation with IVECO Poland. The auto industry has made a huge change to alternative fuels in a few years and will continue its mission. However, due to the continued growth of transportation services, the benefits of using additional activities. So we’re starting here and now. Both sides believe that my cooperation will again have a real impact on the environment and will be your version of a fruitful change that will allow you to face such a large enterprise. We believe big changes from small things, taking action from scratch ”

Don de Jong, Founder of Ecobal

For IVECO, the driving force behind the development of technology is ecological sustainability. For many years, the IVECO RP concern has been working to reduce carbon dioxide emissions, striving for full carbon neutralization. This path of turning from the use of natural gas as a low-carbon fuel, and in the future of hydrogen and bio-LNG to achieve the final goal, is another full choice for green mobility. Sustainable development is a pillar of IVECO, and this awareness can involve not only road transport companies, but also other eco-friendly initiatives undertaken on multiple frequencies. IVECO Poland’s cooperation with Ecobal, internal policy on environmental protection and actions on its operation. I believe that this initiative is an effective prevention of changes in the neutralization of carbon dioxide emissions and afforestation in Poland. It is only the beginning of our new database and will serve as an example for other companies in the automotive sector. “.

Daniel Wolszczak, General Manager of IVECO Poland

Heavy transport industry is responsible for about a quarter of CO2 emissions within the EU. The transport industry made huge improvements in fuel consumption efficiency in the past few years and will so going forward. However, due to further increase of transport services in the years to come, additional action is required. Increasing road freight traffic proves that without an actual change, the emissions will not just disappear, despite new technology and improvements within the industry. CO2 emission standards adopted in 2019 by the European Union set new targets for reducing truck emissions between 2025 and 2030.  Both companies trust that their cooperation will have an actual impact on the environment and will be a great example of fruitful change to oppose such big challenges.

  • Iveco will invest in the Ecobal initiative Forest Preservation, getting its own plot in Radzanów, Poland. Ecobal will provide an official certificate, maintain, and protect the forest on behalf of Iveco.
  • Ecobal guarantees the holochain based on geofencing. Iveco will be able to see their plot and be an active participant.

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