Planting Event 2022

IVECO Poland planted 5,000 trees

Last year, IVECO Poland signed a partnership agreement with Ecobal, which carries out activities for the protection of forests in Europe. Under this agreement, Ecobal undertook to plant a total of 5,000 new seedlings at the request of IVECO Poland. The forest plot is located in Radzanów, in the Mława poviat, and it is there that on April 27 IVECO Poland together with its employees and the Ecobal company planted a new #LASIVECO forest.

Warsaw, April 29, 2022

Implementing the strategy of supporting sustainable development, IVECO Poland concluded a three-year partnership agreement with Ecobal, under which Ecobal, commissioned by IVECO Poland, undertook to plant a total of 5,000 new tree seedlings on an area of ​​1 ha, and the total forest area under the care of IVECO Poland is 5 ha. In line with good practice and possible forest planting dates, the implementation of this action was planned and took place on April 27. The planted forest area was prepared for this activity by Ecobal. IVECO Poland employees have received appropriate training in the field of tree planting technique and they planted seedlings of tree species such as oaks and hornbeams by themselves. These species were selected by the Dwukoly Forestry in accordance with the forest management plan in order to preserve the greatest possible biodiversity in the area. The planting process was fully ecological.

“I am proud that the employees of IVECO Poland showed such great commitment and planted #LASIVECO themselves. Together, we are taking a giant step towards decarbonisation, and the personal contribution of each of us is especially valuable. ” – said Daniel Wolszczak, General Director of IVECO Poland. “The cooperation of IVECO Poland with Ecobal is an expression of our care for the natural environment and activities for its benefit, especially in the local context. This initiative is an effective counteracting climate change in terms of neutralizing carbon dioxide emissions through biodiverse forestation and afforestation of areas in Poland. It is one of the local activities we conduct, and we are convinced that it will serve as an example for other companies in the automotive sector.

“IVECO Poland, as a company that has long been committed to sustainable development and the first patron of the Ecobal forest plot, sets trends in the transport sector in terms of environmental protection activities. We share these values ​​with IVECO: we work intensively to protect the planet for present and future generations by protecting forests and we conduct educational activities on the carbon footprint – we teach how to understand and balance it. ” Don de Jong, Founder of Ecobal said, “We are delighted to be together with IVECO, by planting 5,000 new trees and further protecting the remaining forest area, we are making a significant contribution to sustainability. ”


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