As a responsible company you know the importance of sustainability and your possible carbon footprint. Not just for you, but also because it is important for your customers and the community.

Using geofencing and holochain controlled certification ECOBAL offers you the opportunity to compensate your carbon footprint and be ahead of your competition.

Our board of commissioners are experts in the field and provide you with externally certified compensation certificates. We are leading the way for you to become ecologically balanced.

We offer various concepts that fit with your goals and possibilities. Please look at our services page for more information on Ecobal and ECO2. More offers are currently under development.

Ecobal offers the opportunity to uphold forest preservation, get a good overview of your carbon footprint and support your environmental goals in certified and reliable way. All revenues will get reinvested in the preservation, maintenance and exploration of the Ecobal forests in Europe.

Ecobal guarantees the protection, maintenance and sustainability of the forest sites across Europe. Currently we take care of green areas in Spain, Italy, Poland and Romania. We offer full transparency. You can visit our forests and explore the biodiversity.

Ecobal provides its clients with their own allocated part of the forest and is also responsible for protection and maintenance of the wild areas. Moreover, with the geofencing tool, the client can track and see their ‘own’ plot anytime (s)he desires. Our holochain supported certificate proves that the plot you booked for a specified period of time cannot be sold to anyone else at the same time. This makes the certificate fully transparent and reliable.

What we offer

ECO2 compensation certificates

ECO2 compensation certificates. Strive towards better future for your company and the community. Become ecologically balanced via ECO2 offsetting project. All of the revenue from the project is reinvested further to increase and preserve forest biodiversity. Ecobal guarantees the protection, maintenance and sustainability of the forest sites across Europe. One ECO2 plot consist of 1000m2. 1 ECO2 equals 1 ton of CO2 intake. The CO2 emission intake from our forests is guaranteed and certified. ECO2 certificates can be bought and… Continue reading ECO2 compensation certificates

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