• Where do we get our seedlings from?

    Where do we get our seedlings from? We will approach local tree nurseries to get the best products possible.

  • What types of trees do we plant?

    What types of trees do we plant? Ecobal will always look for indeginous trees that are capable of capturing as much CO2 as possible. We do a thorough study of the environment and local situation and work together with the local forestry before we plant any new tree in a forest. We want to bring back the forest to its former glory with the trees that have been there in the past. 

  • Will you be expanding your privately owned forests? If so, which countries.

    Ecobal will continue to grow the forest to keep up with the demand of the participants. We are looking for forest plots in every European country. Do you have aplot that is interesting for us? Let us know and we will investigate. We are working with parties in all European countries to bring us interesting plots to add to our stock. Keep an eye on our website to see where we will expand next.

  • What happens at ‘online events’?

    What happens at ‘online events’? We plan to bring together all patrons, sponsors and other participants and share an eloquent speaker that can share new information on the topic of sustainability. This can be certification, geofencing, holochain, forestry or other relevant topics.

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