The Ecobal Mission:

Ecobal helps consumers and businesses to understand, preserve and offset their carbon footprint.

We do this by offering concrete and certified options to support preserving privately owned forests around Europe that fits to your means.


All revenues get re-invested in further preservation and expanding forests around Europe.


The Ecobal Vision:

Offer each and every person and all companies, big and small, to become aware of their carbon footprint, have the opportunity to support their environmental goals in a certified and reliable way and help to improve their environment directly

Ecobal makes a difference as we not only preserve, but also revitalize forests to restore them in their former glory


Ecobal established a board of governance. Details will be displayed here later.

Who we are?

Ecobal gives its clients professional care and expertise in carbon offsetting with externally certified compensation certificates. Through the climatic effects of many different activities a company makes on a daily basis, Ecobal aims to provide their clients a way to compensate this in a transparent and reliable way. Ecobal provides its clients with their own allocated tree or part of the forest.

Our partners