Certificated ecobal products

To make sure your efforts are actually supporting our overall goal, to balance our CO2, we asked the University of Poznan to develop a calculation of the average binding of CO2 in our forests and average production of Oxygen. They have come up with a formula that basically mean that 1 hectare of forest binds 10,2 tonnes CO2 , this equals the sum that 1 mbinds 1 kg CO2 The exact formula is::

“Based on integrated, global data on carbon sequestration by all areas classified as forests, it can be estimated that each year, these ecosystems bind about 0.87 Mg C ha-1 (tones per hectare), which in terms of carbon dioxide gives 3.19 Mg CO2 ha-1. At the same time, forest areas produced as much as 2.32 Mg of oxygen (Mg O2 ha-1 ).”

 The certificated ecobal products by the University of Poznan (certificate on the right) are based on an extensive study. If you want to read the details of the study, please contact us here

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