Forests are a source of renewable energy, and secondly, they prevent the emission of large amounts of CO2 into the atmosphere, a process known as sequestration. They participate in shaping the climate, regulate the water cycle, counteract floods, and protect soil against erosion. They also create favorable health conditions for many species, providing herbs, fruit, mushrooms, and wood. Forests create conditions for the preservation of the biological potential of a large number of species, their genetic resources and ecosystems. Increased forest cover leads to reduction of wind speeds and separates higher temperatures above the trees. This means forests help to reduce heat waves and maintain land productivity within Central Europe. Our woodlands influence weather and climate – higher density of forest cover can bring us a lot of benefits and cool us down during hot weather. Forests also fulfill social functions: recreational and even therapeutic for all of us.

European Green Deal success will be measured based on our ability to use natural resources in a sustainable way to produce energy. 

ECOBAL stands for ecologically balanced. Our mission is to restore what we, and you emitted.


In Poland we have 2 forest locations
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The first forest Ecobal started on was the one in Romania
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Our Italian forest is located in Sardinia. It is an old winery that will now be revitalised into the former forest it used to be.
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Ecobal forest in France is located in the south of France near the place of Ruas.
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The project in Spain is an old orange plantation we are going to restore to its old state
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