One of the first Ecobal forest locations was in Murcia and Abanilla, Spain. The area has been highly affected by fires over the last year
Spain is known for its real basin of citrus fruits. That is why, we have decided to restore former orange plantation to the forest it once was in Murcia

Spain has a very diversified geography and several climatic zones. The Mediterranean and continental climate dominate the Iberian Peninsula and this shapes both the vegetation as well as the fauna and types of animals found in Spain.


Spain has mountains, the Atlantic coast, the Mediterranean coast, huge plains in the center of the country, and a semi-arid area.


The landscape is typified by a strange landscape of low earth cliffs and deep ravines filled with citrus trees.


With such a wide range of habitats of all kinds, Spain’s plant world is extremely rich but due to global warming and constant fires over the past year, biodiversity is put in danger.