World Bee Day

🅱️ee Day

Nature shows us the connections between different species and their role for the ecosystem. It is the same with bees. They work hard for us all!

The World Bee Day is declared on 20th May. The date for this observance was chosen as it was the day Anton Janša, a pioneer of modern apiculture, was born. Janša came from a family of beekeepers in Slovenia, where beekeeping is an important agricultural activity with a long-standing tradition.

Today bees, pollinators, and many other insects are declining in abundance. It is a day to recognize the contribution that honey bees make to our everyday lives, as well as learning about the different steps that we can take in order to protect this vital species. On World Honey Bee Day, we also pay homage to beekeepers. After all, it is their efforts that make sure that there are healthy and well-managed bees to pollinate crops.
How to help bees ?

Here is what you can do 🐝

  • back up sustainable farming
  • plant a bee graden or help us to plant more trees and create a healthy habitat in one of Ecobal forests
  • plant pollinator – friendly plants
  • support local beekeepers and organizations.

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