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Krone Fleet and Ecobal partnership

[Bydgoszcz, 21/06/2023] – Krone Fleet B.V. and Ecobal announce three-year partnership to preserve European forests

Ecobal, an innovative advocate for sustainable development and nature preservation, has entered into a strategic partnership with Krone Fleet B.V., a prominent European manufacturer of trailers and semi-trailers. The aim of this collaboration is to promote sustainable practices in the European transport industry, with a focus on forest patronage in Poland.

Krone Fleet B.V. is committed to sustainable development and has implemented the “Mission Beyond Zero” programme to reduce CO2 emissions and minimise environmental impact. This collaboration with Ecobal aligns with Krone’s dedication to promoting sustainability in Europe. They will now join Ecobal’s mission by taking over the patronage of part of the forest in Radzanów (Poland).

Menzing, André, the Managing Director at Krone Fleet B.V. stated, “Krone is proud to join forces with Ecobal! As a brand, we have long focused on reducing emissions and implementing real transport solutions towards carbon neutrality in various areas. In June 2023, we signed a three-year partnership agreement with Ecobal, dedicated to forest conservation. As part of this agreement, Ecobal will plant several hundred of new trees on our behalf in the Ecobal forest in Poland, with Krone Fleet B.V. care encompassing an area of over 0.6 hectares.”

Don de Jong, the founder of Ecobal, expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership, saying, “Krone Fleet B.V. has been a long-standing trading partner of Don Trucking – the founders of the Ecobal. We are pleased to announce that they are now joining our project, through which we will promote sustainable development in Europe. Ecobal makes it easy for any company, regardless of budget, to get involved in environmentally friendly projects. Our aim is to increase environmental engagement by giving companies access to their own projects in Europe, enabling local thinking, local emission reduction and local regeneration. We invite everyone to join our initiative so that together we can protect, revitalise and expand our European forests”.

Ecobal was founded in 2021 in response to the growing interest in sustainable development and environmental awareness in business. Ecobal helps its partners, including consumers and enterprises, to understand, balance and compensate their carbon footprint, taking into account their individual preferences. This is achieved by providing specific activities, certified by the Poznan University of Technology, that support the protection of private forests in Europe. All proceeds from partnerships with patrons are reinvested in the continued protection and expansion of forests in Europe. Ecobal currently manages over 150 hectares of nature reserves in Poland, Spain, Italy, Romania and France. More information about this project is available on the website

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