The Day of the Forester

The Day of the Forester and the Woodman

The day of the forester and the woodman is celebrated several times a year. Therefore, there are at least a few occasions a year to pay more attention to the forests growing around us and to the work of the people who manage these forests on a daily basis. And the foresters play an extraordinary role!

The forester is a professional in the care, planting and management of trees or forests. They are involved in a number of activities including restoration, conservation, logging and the management of protected forest areas. They role is important because forests not only provide valuable raw materials (wood) and fruit in the form of e.g. berries or mushrooms, but also fulfils many other functions: they provide oxygen, prevent floods, purify the air, store carbon dioxide, offer a place to rest or cultivate tourism and, of course, they are the habitat of many organisms.

Some of the key roles of the forester:

  • Prepare stands for contract tree planting
  • Prepare contracts for harvesting forest products and other contract services
  • Mark and investigate trees that are ready to be harvested
  • Perform pre-inspection prior to tree-trimming work
  • Inspect trees for hazardous potential
  • Assist in wildfire prevention
  • Respond to wildfire emergencies

That is why the function of foresters who care for the best development of forests and their biodiversity is so important.

Interested in becoming a forester? What does it mean to be a forester in 21st century?

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