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Transportial joins Ecobal to reduce clients carbon emissions

With Transportial, ECOBAL welcomes yet another ecologically conscientious company. Transportial supports their clients by giving insight in their carbon dioxide emissions, ability to direct and reduce the overall carbon footprint. 

Bydgoszcz, Polska, Ulft, Netherlands May 31, 2022. Through the climatic effects of many different activities a company makes daily, Ecobal aims to provide their clients a way to understand their carbon footprint and environmental behavior. More and more customers want companies to be transparent with their greenhouse gas emissions and know how they engage with sustainability of their products and offers. For company like Transportial, it presents a great opportunity to review and reduce the carbon footprint for their clients and to be ahead of the competitors in sustainable market shift. 

The software developed by Transportial offers planning, trip estimation and financial management in a single dashboard display interface. This new standard ensures seamless integration with external data sources and is more stable as any competitor. Transportial TMS offers system administrators the configuration of all their transport management solutions in one user-friendly interface. By combining ease of use with industry-leading features, Transportial TMS enables seamless integration with third parties, thus providing optimized service levels, and automate processes so it can complete logistics operations faster. Also, it reduces administrative efforts and increases efficiency to oversee real-time all fleet aspects such as drivers and trucks. Transportial will use the services of Ecobal to not only help their clients get insight in their CO2 emissions but also provides the ability to direct and, if required, offset it, per customer, trip, or location. 

“Transportial is a transport management system that provides intelligent and effective transport solutions says Dennis Stenfert, Chief Executive Officer at Transportial, “It helps your company to plan trips efficiently, so it is only right to develop a strategy for our TMS system, bearing in mind the environmental goals.”

“We are extremely enthusiastic to see Transportial and Ecobal growth along with other companies that need to compensate their CO2 emissions or simply want to preserve natural environment for future generations to come” says Dariusz Hejnicki, Ecobal,” The cooperation was initiated through a land advisor Jacques van der Linden, who helped us to obtain new Ecobal forest sites, especially in countries like Spain and France, where there is a very high fire risk due to climatic changes”.

Ecobal provides its clients with their own allocated part of the forest and is also responsible for protection and maintenance of the wild areas. Moreover, with the geofencing tool, the client can track and see their ‘own’ plot anytime (s)he desires. Ecobal’s blockchain supported certificate proves that the plot you booked for a specified period of time, cannot be sold to anyone else at the same time. This makes the certificate fully transparent and reliable.

Due to the rapid advancement of regulations on sustainable development and CO2 reduction, Transportial through Ecobal offers companies the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to environmental issues. In addition, Transportial gives customers the chance to stay ahead of the competition and quickly adapt to the newly imposed regulations. Regardless of how the legislation is implemented and how it will ultimately be enforced, Ecobal certification validates your efforts to reduce your carbon footprint. Ecobal will follow the development of legislation closely to make sure we can align the Ecobal certification with the requirements going forward. 

You can meet Transportial this week at the Hannover Messe where it is exhibiting within the ‘Netherlands Innovation Square’, Hall 003, stand A20, (B38). To leverage the opportunity to offer CO2 compensation to more and different industries and private persons going forward Ecobal welcomes investors to participate in the initiative.

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